More Women in Science

Last week, February 11th, we celebrated the International Day of Women and Girls in Science. Our partners at IMUS, Universidad de Sevilla, even opened their doors for the local News team from CSN2 Sevilla for some exclusive interviews with our female Maths-enthusiasts.

Amongst them, our NeEDS Secondee Cristina Molero del Río who talked about a real life problem that she has worked on together with other colleagues at IMUS during the 2019 NeEDS Modelling Week. The problem she addressed regarded the fountains of the city of Seville and the prevention of contamination of their water. In order to do so, a mathematical model was developed to predict the chlorine level of a fountain, that is the basis to regulate its pH level and thus control the contamination of the water. Watch the full News Section here (in Spanish, start minute 04:45).

As the UN points out, only 30 per cent of researchers worldwide are women. These are numbers that need to change and we are proud to be contributing to equal opportunities for women and girls in science. The NeEDS consortium has a very balanced gender ratio and continuously works to foster and sustain gender balance and equal opportunities. In 2019, 9 of our 19 secondees were female, and we look forward to facilitate even more secondments for female scientists over the next years.

For more insights into the contributions of our female participants, check out our slides on STEM NeEDS Women.