Dolores Romero Morales and Jimmy Martinez-Correa: Elected members of management committee of COST Action Fintech and AI in Finance

NeEDS Coordinator Dolores Romero Morales has been elected as a member of the management committee of the COST Action “Fintech and Artificial Intelligence in Finance – Towards a transparent financial industry” (CA19130, Jimmy Martínez-Correa, Associate Professor at the Economics Department, has also been elected as substitute member of this management committee. The COST Action will investigate AI and Fintech from three different angles: transparency in FinTech, transparent decision-making models vs black box in the financial industry, and transparency in the performance of investment products. Similar to NeEDS, the COST Action will also bridge the gap between academia, industry, the general public and governmental organizations working in interdisciplinary groups across Europe and focusing on innovation.