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ECMI Postgraduate / VI Iberian / NeEDS Modelling Week at IMUS

From July 7th – 13th, the ECMI Postgraduate / VI Iberian / NeEDS Modelling Week was held at IMUS, the Mathematics Institute of the University of Seville. Here, students and young researchers are being trained on the latest advances of mathematical and statistical modeling problems proposed by industry.

NeEDS participants at the ECMI Postgraduate / VI Iberian / NeEDS Modelling Week at IMUS

On Monday, 7 companies from various sectors have presented their technological challenges to 80 participants from 13 different countries, including 8 PhD students from the NeEDS project. The problems address various challenges on big data, drones, road design, efficient energy generation, agriculture, industrial production, medical imaging, and more. With the support of expert instructors in the respective fields, the student groups are now tackling the mathematical challenges over the course of this week, which will end on Saturday with the presentations of the students’ solutions.

The ECMI Postgraduate / VI Iberian / NeEDS Modelling Week is a satellite event of the International Congress of Industrial and Applied Mathematics, and co-organized by the European Mathematical-Industry Consortium, the Spanish Mathematics-Industry Network, the Portuguese Network of Mathematics for Innovation and Industry, as well as the NeEDS Project.

RTVE interviewing Dolores Romero Morales during group work at ECMI Postgraduate / VI Iberian / NeEDS Modelling Week at IMUS

With even the regional television RTVE reporting about us, this event has already been a great success with inspiring learning opportunities and we look forward to tomorrow’s big presentations by our students.


NeEDS Steering Board Meeting, July 2019

On July 8th, the Steering Board Meeting was held at the University of Sevilla (USE), Spain.

12 members of the NeEDS Steering Board have come together in Sevilla as well as online to discuss the progress of the NeEDS project after its first 6 months since kick-off.

Members of the NeEDS Steering Board and Management Team in front of the Mathematical Institute IMUS at the University of Sevilla

The opportunity of face-to-face group discussions has allowed the network to build stronger connections, exchange experiences and work out important steps to ensure successful communication of each partner’s expectations and interests. For the future progress of NeEDS, this meeting was an important and fruitful step and we want to thank everyone who contributed to it.

NeEDS Project Kick-off Meeting Held at Copenhagen Business School

The NeEDS kick-off meeting was held at Copenhagen Business School (CBS), Denmark on January 28th, 2019. Participants were welcomed by Dean of Research Søren Hvidkjær, who congratulated the team on receiving the grant and acknowledged the great possibilities of collaboration between academia and industry created by the funding from the EU MSCA program.

Project partners and colleagues at the NeEDS project kick-off, held at Copenhagen Business School

The main purpose of the meeting was to allow participants to get to know each other and to introduce the setup of the project implementation plan. The project management team at CBS laid out the obligations of partners and the guidelines for secondments, as well as the tasks, deliverables and events of the project and the reporting and monitoring requirements from the project officer.

Participants also discussed the research work packages and how to best ensure knowledge exchange between the academic partners and industry partners, through secondments as well as overall collaboration.

Throughout the day, colleagues from CBS also participated in the meeting to learn about the project and the possibilities of going on secondments. A number of industry partners joined the meeting via Skype to introduce themselves. The meeting was very fruitful and it was a pleasure to see everyone together for the first time. We look forward to many more exciting discussions on data science through secondments, workshops and other project events.

First NeEDS Modelling Week announced

In collaboration with NeEDS partner University of Sevilla, the NeEDS team is proud to present its first Modelling Week in 2019. The event will be held at the Instituto de Matemáticas de la Universidad de Sevilla.

The main aims of the Modelling Week are to train students in Mathematical Modelling using industrial problems and stimulate their collaboration and communication skills in an international and intersectoral environment.

Read more about the Modelling Week and sign up here.